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Professional Mobile Dental Hygiene Services

Serving Greater Toronto and Surrounding Areas

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directSmiles is a professional mobile dental hygiene service bringing quality dental hygiene care directly to you—the client. Our company’s on-site approach to the delivery of dental hygiene services was developed in response to the great and growing need for improved access to preventive and therapeutic oral health care in our communities.

About Us at directSmiles

directSmiles is owned and operated by two very dedicated and experienced Registered Dental Hygienists:

Cheryl Kiryk, RDH has practiced dental hygiene in Ontario since 1995. Cheryl, also a registered restorative dental hygienist has provided services in private dental practice settings including periodontics and general dentistry. Cheryl speaks English and French fluently, allowing her to reach diverse cultural communities.

Lillian Yee, RDH has practiced dental hygiene in Ontario since 1991 providing services in private dental practice settings including general dentistry and more extensively, periodontics. Lillian has recently expanded her services by bringing mobile dental hygiene to venues outside the traditional dental office.

Our Mission at directSmiles

At directSmiles, we aim to bring down barriers to quality, and client-focused oral health care through increasing access to dental hygiene services. With open minds, listening ears and bright smiles, we bring our services directly to you.


Services at directSmiles

At directSmiles, each client receives an assessment of all factors that impact his or her oral health. This includes a comprehensive review of the client’s medical and dental history. Together with the client, we determine and prioritize oral health needs. It is based on these needs that we plan treatment and develop individualized goals for our clients.

• Oral Health Assessment

• Scaling / Debridement

• Polishing / Stain Removal

• Teeth Whitening

• Denture Care (cleaning and labeling)

• Oral Health Education

• Desensitizing of Teeth

• Fluoride Treatments

• Custom Fitted Sports Guards

• Referrals (to other health professionals)

Health at directSmiles

As primary oral health care providers and educators, we recognize the important connection between your oral and general health. Scientific evidence indicates that poor oral health is linked to heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, complications in the management of diabetes and increased risk of aspiratory-pneumonia for the immune compromised. Additionally, studies suggest that pregnant women with gum disease are more likely to have low birth-weight babies. We also know that problems in your mouth can diminish chewing ability and result in inadequate digestion and nutrition. Good oral health also enhances the beauty of your smile and reduces halitosis. Improving your oral health will boost your confidence as well as overall health.

Facilities at directSmiles

Our Equipment: Our equipment is compact, portable and brought directly to you. Our mobile unit includes a client chair, small quiet compressor, suction unit, light, instruments and polishers. Minimal physical space is required allowing us to bring our services to numerous settings and accom-modating individuals with personalized needs.

Infection Control: At directSmiles, infection control is an important and serious component of our standard of practice. All clinical procedures along with cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization of equipment and instruments are performed with strict adherence to our infection control protocol developed from guidelines set out by the Centre for Disease Control and the Canadian Dental Association.

Seniors at directSmiles

Seniors comprise a large and growing group of clients at directSmiles with very unique oral health care needs. Advancing age, along with common chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, may bring about many changes in the oral cavity. At directSmiles, we dedicate ourselves to continued learning, researching, and educating the client, care-providers and their families on the many facets of geriatric oral health.

Dry Mouth Syndrome: This condition, common among seniors is associated with normal changes of advancing age. Other causes include the use of prescription medications such as blood pressure pills, diuretics, sleeping pills, anti-depressants, and anti-histamines. Radiation and Chemotherapy used in the treatment of cancer is another prime source for dry mouth. Some chronic conditions including diabetes, and Parkinson’s disease are also associated with decreased production of saliva.

Treating Dry Mouth Syndrome: Many commercial oral care products will contain ingredients that can aggravate dry mouth. It is best to avoid brands of toothpastes containing foaming agents such as sodium lauryl sulfate and mouthrinses that contain alcohol. Your oral health care professional will be able to recommend choices of oral care products suitable for dry mouth. Other tips to alleviate this condition include sipping on water or keeping small chips of ice in the mouth. The use of artificial saliva to moisten the mouth or use of sugarless gums to stimulate salivary flow is also useful.

Cavities: Seniors are at increased risk for the development of cavities or dental caries. Many of these carious lesions or cavities tend to occur along the root surfaces of the teeth and may progress rapidly. Decreased salivary flow along with diets high in simple sugars and inadequate oral hygiene resulting from poor manual dexterity with the toothbrush and floss are common contributing factors to cavities.

Preventing Cavities: The primary cause of dental caries is plaque bacteria found on the surfaces of the teeth. A healthy and balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy and protein is preferred to one that is filled with processed sugars when it comes to prevention of cavities. Toothpaste and mouthrinses containing fluoride have also been proven to help remineralize weakened surfaces of the teeth. Daily removal of plaque bacteria with brushing and flossing of the teeth in addition to professional dental cleanings are also important components of a good caries prevention program. As seniors are at increased risk for cavities, regular exams or assessments for caries with your dental professional are essential for good oral health.

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directSmiles is dedicated to the continued education of our clients. Please visit us often as we continue bring you the latest on what’s new in oral health.


Community at directSmiles

At directSmiles, we want to connect with the community. We are proud to sponsor the Caledon Soccer club. This year it's a girls 12 to 14 year old team. We are glad to announce the team won the championship.

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